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For Employers

  • PinPoint’s team will sensitively provide you with usage data, you’ll get to see things like how often the platform gets used, but you will NOT see any private employee financial data.
  • PinPoint is a ‘read-only’ personal finance App, which means that your employees will simply get insights into their financial behaviour – NO financial activities happen within the platform e.g money transfers.
  • Very easy, as it’s a mobile app, we handle all of the technology and communications for you.

    We see even greater results when employers really champion PinPoint and we can help you further with this by arranging marketing material, even running financial wellbeing support events for your people.

  • Together with our transparent usage data which comes as standard, we will also work with you personally to ensure we’re helping to improve on business metrics that are key to your business, like talent turnover and sickness absence rates.

    Ultimately, the more financial stress we help to reduce in the workplace – the more profitable your business becomes.

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