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PinPoint offers a single, go-to destination for managing all personal finance – from credit cards to outgoings, savings to spending habits.

Money made simple for employees

An easy to use app that allows employees to monitor their money, develop financial goals and improve their relationship with their wallet. All in one place, all in real time.

The result? Improved wellbeing, reduced absenteeism and a boost in staff retention

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Spending insights

The app provides an instant overview of an employee’s current financial status at any given time, along with prompts for upcoming due payments, details on disposable income and support for achieving financial goals.

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Real insight. Real results. Real time.

How can PinPoint help?
Intelligent money insights

PinPoint doesn’t simply pull the information from financial institutions and represent it to your employees. It goes way beyond that, making the information usable, understandable and insightful.

Improved financial behaviour

PinPoint gives employees the opportunity to learn about their habits, determine how and where their money is being spent and even plan for their future by setting attainable, stress-reducing goals.

A smarter bank balance

Rather than merely relaying figures, PinPoint brings numbers to life, highlighting to your employees what their bank balance actually means in real terms.

Help everyone in your organisation reach their full potential.

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